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This year, finally get the body you've always wanted...and the energy to enjoy it!  It's time to do something for yourself.

Welcome to Body Solutions!  

Studies show that people looking to improve their fitness and health achieve much greater results when using a trainer. An effective personal trainer can guide you, motivate you, and educate you, as well as provide accountability and discipline.

Working with Body Solutions will enable you to finally lose those unwanted pounds, gain muscle tone, and improve your overall health, appearance, and self confidence. Our unique approach will help you transform both body and mind. Let's face it, most trainers just watch you exercise. If you want to achieve real, long-lasting results, you must do more than exercise your body.  Our goal is to change your perceptions and attitude about exercise, fitness, and health in order to change your lifestyle permanently.

To do this, we will inspire you to reach your health and fitness goals and maintain motivation for the long haul. Breaking bad habits is one of the most challenging things that one can face. Together, we will replace bad habits with good ones that uplift your spirit and bring you happiness through fitness, good health, and mental clarity.

Why Us??

The biggest difference between Body Solutions and other personal training companies is that we truly LOVE what we do here!    Our goal is to make your sessions both effective and fun, eliminating the dread factor so you actually look forward to coming back.   As proof of this, unlike other personal training companies, we have NO contracts or upfront enrollment fees.  You just make an appointment, come, and pay when you do.  We know that you are going to like it so much that you will keep coming back anyhow, just like all our other clients who are under no legal oblitation to do so and have kept training with us for years.

When comparing, always ask to see the certification documentation of the specific trainer you would be working with. It's important to note that there are currently no laws or regulations that require someone who calls themselves a personal trainer to actually be certified as such. Unfortunately, many people end up unknowingly signing expensive contracts with trainers with educational credentials that amount to not much more than a subscription to a fitness magazine. The result is limited results, or even worse, the increased potential for injury. 

In addition to years of experience, our trainers are certified through nationally recognized organizations, have up-to-date liability insurance, and current CPR certification.  Also, unless specifically requested, all sessions are one-on-one and it's the same trainer every time, ensuring that your unique health limitations, capabilities, and interests are known and taken into consideration at each session. 

To meet our clients budgetary needs, time constraints, self-motivation level, and desires, we offer both 30-minute and 60-minute sessions.  Our specialty is 30-minute sessions based on the principles of metabolic resistance training (MRT), which we have found to work extremely well for women with very limited time who want to lose weight quickly while gaining muscle tone.  

While excellent for building muscle, traditional bodybuilding workouts generally fail to really push the metabolism into high gear because they typically only focus on one body part at a time and do not raise the heart rate considerably.  And cardiovascular exercise, while excellent for burning calories and fat, fails to build any significant muscle, which is needed to raise the underlying basal metabolic rate, ensuring that more calories are burned throught each and every day.  Our MRT workouts are advanced sessions using a hybrid-fusion of bodybuilding set and rep schemes in combination with an interval training twist to provide a true total body calorie-crushing workout.  Using this method, you really don't need to spend hours in the gym to see meaningful results.

Add to these advantages our extremely competitive rates and you will find no better company to work with.  You have nothing to lose by trying us out and the potential to gain so much! 

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