We love our clients! See a few of our clients' progress pictures and reviews below.

Never trusted or believed in personal trainers until I met Joanne. She is a perfect role model! It is possible to make a change, just read her personal story about weight loss. Everyone’s body is different and she provides you with the right nutritional information. Joanne provides a private and professional fun space to work out. She is one of a kind and I would never go anywhere else but Body Solutions!
— Willow D., Easton, MA
I can’t say enough great things about Joanne and Body Solutions. She has helped me become and most importantly, stay, healthy and strong. She is warm, supportive, and knowledgeable. I can honestly say she makes working out, eating right, and reaching your goals attainable!
— Krissy N., Westwood, MA
I started working with Joanne the Summer of 2009 and absolutely loved it! I successfully lost around 30 pounds and continue to keep it off using her workouts and eating healthy. She definitely was the push I needed.
— Ashley M., Canton, MA
I am nearly two pounds away from my original goal I set a year ago. I can’t tell you how good that feels. I highly recommend Joanne’s training for women at any age and any fitness level. 
Joanne has been such an amazing resource and coach for me during my wellness journey. Her expertise and solutions in nutrition and fitness have taught me that being healthy is possible even with a busy lifestyle. She’s educated me on the right way to work out both in the gym and at home, which has been life-changing and empowering. She’s also helped shape my diet into something reasonable to maintain and easy to adjust. So thankful for such a positive force in my life.
— Justine J., Norwood, MA
Joanne really pushes me past my comfort level. I would NEVER push myself that hard and I see the benefits of her workouts. What was impossible for me to do a few months ago is now IN my comfort level.
— Patricia J., Norwood, MA
She is tough, but not too tough; she challenges me and encourages me. I always leave feeling I have accomplished something great.
— Kathy D., Norwood, MA
Joanne is so kind, caring, and supportive. Excellent trainer, great advice on nutrition, focus on workouts geared to your specific needs, private studio - 5 stars!
— Melissa R., Norwood, MA